I’m deeply saddened by the passing of Steve Jobs. He was a remarkable genius who made tremendous impact on our lives. I never met him but it seems like I lost a great friend.

        Being as a big Apple fan, and a user of iPod, iPhone 4, iPad 2, MacBook and Airport Extreme,  I’ve experienced life changing through all these products that combined art with high-tech.  I read newspaper and books, watch art works by great artists, listen to music by the greatest musicians, and play angry birds and zombies. I make videos, build websites and study from them. From the  recipes apps on my iPad I try new dishes in the kitchen, and I use my iphone every night to monitor my sleep quality..... Having the jaw-dropping experience when learning new functions on iPhone and iPad was pure joy and incredible... I’ve got use to the life style that having my iPhone or iPad with me everywhere at home, on the road, and on the trip. With them I have been able to interact with art easier, express myself and communicate with the world much more freely and creatively.  Steve Jobs knew how to make our life a better one and he indeed made brilliant contributions to us all.  

        What he changed is not only our personal life style, but the fundamental structure of several industries and how they interact with each other in the industrial chain. In recent years in the industries such as music, publishing, animation film, telecommunication, and personal computer, we’ve constantly learned about new technologies that our older generations could never be able to enjoy. Macintosh, computer animation, iTunes, IOS, Retina display, Apps, Multi-touch by fingers, streaming, FaceTime, AirPlay, and now we’re getting the amazing Siri (voice recognition) and iCloud. Many of these terms came with Apple products, but without Steve Jobs and Apple’s revolutionary technologies, other industries wouldn’t be able to turn to many exciting directions... Some high schools in the Unite States even uploaded all the text books into the iPad and gave each new student an iPad this year.  

        It was Steve Jobs who established a new standard on how people read, how we listen to music,  and the way we use phones,  and computers... It was him, such an incredible entrepreneur who changed the world that we live in and for the generations to come.

        Steve Jobs was an irreplaceable pioneer and a true leader that I feel so privileged and blessed to have in our time. We should all remember him...