This video is my 4th video production that was made from some casual pictures and video clips.  The effect though is unexpected and funny.

        The process of producing this video was full of fun. In the summer 2009, two artist friends and I decided to have a walk after our dinner together. Not far from the restaurant, we surprisingly found a Go train station. One friend suggested that it’s a great place to tape some videos, and we did so using my camera that was always with me. Just for fun, we got some casual shots. When I got home trying to find some decent pictures to send to them, none could meet my satisfaction. I just don’t remember what inspired me to make this video,  but I somehow started to assemble a couple of the most ridiculous  images together using my MacBook. I also remember how I spent some good time developing a little story, adding different sound effect and eventually came up with the idea to make a news coverage. Base on the flow, I drafted the script, and made efforts to have my voice recorded right onto the most suitable spots. This production turns to be a surprising gift to both of my friends.  They are so pleased and just love it as much as I do...

Brief description of this ‘breaking news’ :


      Reporter Kazimoto’s story on May 22, an incident brings to the local police’s attention. A Japanese woman is attacked by a man who seems to have mental disability at a train station in San Francisco.  A tired man at the station stands up for the woman and talks to the man with the mental problem. However, the woman is still stopped by him over and over again. With permission, the woman talks to her family on the phone. Right then, the tired man’s behaviour seems changed abnormal and a new type of communication is formed between the two men. Their body starts to make strange sounds. Police said that it’s not easy for the woman to escape from the site safely but she did. Police also requires the public to provide any possible information about the whereabouts of those two men based on their photos.